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What to Wear and what Not to wear for a Photo Shoot

What to Wear and what Not to wear for a Photo Shoot

So you have booked an outdoor photo shoot? But, now you are wondering what to wear or what not to wear for the session. The goal is to keep things simple and wear clothes that are your personality and style. Wearing pieces that are not ‘you’ will come across in the photos.


Try to avoid patterns and bold accessories. It’s best to avoid the cluttered looks, bright stripes, or strong patterns because they can be distracting.

Avoid outfits that show your tan lines or underclothing (i.e. bra straps), and if you are going to wear strapless, make sure that you don’t have tan lines from previous outfits.

Solid colors are more appropriate for outdoor sessions. Some patterns are acceptable, but if it clashes with everyone else in the shoot (i.e. fiancée, children, husband), it may be a distraction.

For photo shoots with two or more people, similar solid colors are preferred to create uniformity. For example, if blue is the choice of color, then a combination of people wearing “light” blue and “navy” blue would be fine. Pay attention to shoe colors and accessories as “clash in color” can create additional distractions. Be conscious of your body! Wear what realistically flatters your body and fits you the best; not what fashion dictates. Major distractions in photographs are seeing someone in a top that is too tight for them or bottoms that don’t flatter them or their body-type.


Good color choices would be neutral and earth tones like green, brown tones, black, darker blue, and black/gray. Those colors go well with light/dark colored jeans or pants. Darker colored shoes are also usually better under these combinations of colors.

Darker colors are slimming but if you prefer white (or lighter colored) tops; then combine it with darker pants or dark blue jeans for contrast. However, make sure that your skin tone wears white well, or your face will seem washed out in the pictures.


Make-up is difficult to explain but it’s a good idea to find a balance between natural and slightly glamour (heavier) coverage! Wear make-up that complements your skin-tone. Don’t be afraid to apply powders or concealers to cover any blemishes or skin discoloring.

Heavier coverage (than the natural look) does look better in pictures, but you don’t have to go so “heavy” that it becomes a distraction or doesn’t look like you after.

To avoid the “raccoom” look, natural coloring (or neutral/earth colors) around the eyes show up much better on camera. It may be tempting to wear heavy (and dark) eye liner and eye color, but Can create dark circles around the eyes.

Type/Length of clothes:

Dressy casual is best, but choose a look that really suits you, so that you are comfortable during the shoot. If you do wear short sleeves or dresses, make sure that it compliments your figure and that it is not focusing on what (in your opinion) is your worse feature. Or it will come across in the shoot.

Layering is also a good idea! For example: A tailored or well-cut jacket is a great combination with a light top and jean bottom.


Avoid shorts and sandals if possible. Because men tend to cross their legs putting their ankle up on the other leg, it looks odd when legs are showing. This tends to bring our attention in the picture to the legs rather than the face, expressions, etc. Also, long sleeve tops will avoid distractions to the arms.


Avoid bubble dresses and dresses above the knee. When shooting, you should be able to do stuff like sitting down, etc. without having to be worried that your dress is hiking up too high.


Why hire a Professional wedding Photographer ?

Weddings are expensive and Every couple looks for ways to cut costs when planning a wedding. One that some couples consider is to skip the professional photographer, relying on a friend or other amateur to take the event pictures. Although this can be tempting, there are many reasons why you should definitely hire a professional photographer instead.

There are some areas in your wedding where you can safely try to save money. For example, you can get away with doing your own wedding flowers, and you can definitely make fantastic looking invitations on your home computer.

Some elements of a wedding, though, should never be done on the cheap. If the bride’s mother attempts to make her gown, and she is not a talented seamstress, the results are likely to be regrettable. The same is true of the wedding photography. These days, everyone has a digital camera and thinks of themselves an expert, but the truth is that a real photographer is an artist. Having your uncle Bob take the pictures is no substitute for having your photos taken by someone who really knows what they are doing.

The wedding photos are something that you will have for the rest of your life. If the wedding cake was a little dry, or the band forgot the words to a song, at least you will be able to forget about those details over time. However, if your pictures are lousy, you will be reminded of it every time you look at your wedding album. There are no do-overs.

Even a skilled amateur photographer is not as good as hiring a real wedding professional. The professional photographer will know which moments are the most important to capture, and will make a point of getting them for you. On the other hand, your uncle Bob might miss something important because he is chatting with his brother or dancing with his wife. The relative who volunteers to take the pictures will be a guest first, and your photographer second. That is definitely not good enough when it comes to your most priceless memories.


What brides also don’t think off when it comes to relying on relatives to take their wedding photos is that they will most probably have a few drinks and that is when things will start getting ugly.

Some couples think that they can find a middle ground by hiring an Amateur to be their wedding photographer. While this might be better than leaving it up to a relative, the chances are that you will still end up with less than stellar results. A amateur who is not experienced with weddings is surely going to miss some of the key shots, and their eye for composition and beauty is unlikely to be as refined as that of the professional.

It is just too risky to try to save a few bucks by eliminating a professional photographer for your wedding. If you leave the photography up to someone else, there will be nothing you can do if the pictures are not great when you see them after the wedding. Why take a chance on something as important as the memories of your wedding?


Some people think the definition of a Professional camera is a Digital camera which lens can come off, nothing could be further from the truth. There is a reason why a consumer DSLR cost around $1800 and a Professional DSLR cost between $3000 and $7000. There is also a huge difference between consumer lenses and Professional lenses! Consumer lenses are typically 40 – 80% cheaper than Professional lenses and you can clearly see the difference in the quality of the photos taken by a Professional lens.

A Professional photographer will always take at least 2 Pro camera bodies, 3 to 5 Pro lenses, 3 flashes, enough memory cards to hold thousands of photos, enough batteries to last a month and other misc items. The average professional wedding photographer will have between $8000 and $15000 worth of equipment with him at the wedding. Amateur photographers usually do not have the means to afford back up equipment which means if their camera stops working they cant continue to take pictures.


A Professional photographer also knows that there is no do-overs when it comes to weddings and they always have means to make sure all the photos are backed up in one way or another to make sure your photos are safe!


Your wedding will come and your wedding will go, the decor will be packed up and taken away, the left over food will be eaten for brunch the next day, the flowers will wilder away and die, the rest of the wedding cake will be frozen and eaten on your 1st anniversary, the only thing that will last forever is your memories and the Photos taken that day!

When you look at your wedding photos do you want to wish that you rather spend the extra money and got a professional or look at them and be thankful that you did not get Uncle Bob to do your photos or hire the Amateur just to save a few $ ??

Hello world!

My first post on my new blog!

My website and Blog is finally up and running.

My website will be changed soon into a portfolio flash site only.

My facebook and Google add campaign seems to be paying off in a very good way and Richelle is on the phone almost all day calling brides all over the city. Richelle and I have been booking a lot of consultation appointments in the last few weeks and has been booking new weddings on a weekly basis. 2012 is going to be a super busy year for us but I cant wait for wedding season to start.

I would like to welcome and thank all the brides that has booked me so far for their weddings this coming wedding season. I cant wait to shoot your wedding and spend your special day with you all!

I still have Saturdays left for the 2012 wedding season and we are also booking weddings on Fridays and Sundays. We have also started booking dates for 2013 and 2014.