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Malden Park Engagement Photos

Malden Park Engagement Photos – Christina and Renato

Fall weather can be a hit and miss in Windsor, but we had another fantastic weather day for Christina and Renato’s Malden Park engagement photos this week. We are starting to get used to these nice fall days. We met Christina and Renato for the first time the morning of their engagement session at Malden Park. Renato works nights and they wanted to do an early morning engagement session. The happy couple looked gorgeous with all the colorful leaves around them.

Location – Malden Park

Photographer – Jaques and Richelle Scheepers

Windsor Wedding Photographer

Fall Point Pelee Engagement Pictures

Fall Point Pelee Engagement Pictures – Jessica and Gerry

Jessica wanted a fall engagement shoot at a place with lots of trees, and she wanted photos of her and her groom to be next to a wooden fence. We suggested one of our favorite places to shoot engagement shoots, which is, of course, Point Pelee! Point Pelee has lots of trees and we knew of the perfect spot for their photos with a wooden fence. We had a perfect day for our Fall Point Pelee engagement pictures; almost no wind, the sun was shining and it was actually pretty warm outside for being almost November. Jessica and Gerry brought along their dog for the first part of the shoot, and Gerry made a cute little heart sign with their wedding date for their dog to wear around its neck. Jessica looked stunning and the, very much, in love couple made amazing photos. Can’t wait to shoot their wedding next summer.

Location – Point Pelee National Park

Makeup by – AjG Makeup Artistry – #519 980 7171

Photographer – Jaques and Richelle Scheepers

Windsor Wedding Photographer

Sprucewood Winery Engagement Shoot

Sprucewood Winery Engagement Shoot – Brandi and Frank

Recently we did a Sprucewood Winery Engagement shoot with, very much in love, Brandi and Frank. They brought along their Chevrolet Camaro, which is a car Frank’s dad bought him as an heirloom, when he was still a baby. Frank and his dad are very proud of this car and wanted to make it part of the couple’s engagement shoot. Brandi looked like a model posing next to his camaro, which made Frank a very proud groom!


Location – Sprucewood Winery

Photographer – Jaques Scheepers Photography

Windsor Wedding Photographer

Ojibway Park Engagement Shoot

Ojibway Park Engagement Shoot – Melissa and Bret

Recently, we shot Melissa and Bret’s engagement shoot. We had to try 3 different locations because of the weather.  We started at the river near the Ambassador Bridge, but it was too cold and windy, we then went to a Baseball park, but it was even colder there, so we decided to go find shelter between the trees at Ojibway Park. Melissa and Bret are a very friendly couple and we had a great time shooting their engagement photos, even though everybody was freezing because of the sudden cold weather we got that day. Part two of their engagement shoot is still to follow and a Baseball Park.

Windsor Wedding Photographer

Point Pelee Photo Shoot

Point Pelee Engagement Photo Shoot – Carly and Brandon

This weekend, we did another engagement shoot at my favorite photo shoot location. Point Pelee has so many different places to take photos. We went to a beach that Carly and Brandon frequently visit with their dog Moose when they go for walks. This was again, a completely new spot for me and Richelle to go to.

Carly and Brandon were nervous at first, but got used to the camera very quickly, and by the end of the shoot, were completely comfortable being affectionate while we took photos of them.

Windsor Wedding Photographer