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Tips to improve your wedding photos.

Tips to Improve your Wedding Photos

How small details can make a huge difference!

As a Bride, you realize the importance of hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer, and not trusting your day with an Amateur Photographer.

A Professional Photographer will give you great photos of your wedding day, but there are things that you can do to make sure those photos are as beautiful as possible.

Tips to improve your wedding photos:

1.  Technology Free: This means that your guests are enjoying your wedding and not taking photos with their own cameras, cell phones and iPads.  Guests who are trying to take photos usually hop in the aisle or get in between you and the Photographer that you hired.  Also, when they use flash, they can over expose the photo for the main Photographer, which means the photo is this big white blob.   As a Bride and Groom, you have paid a lot of money to get Professional photos.  Ask your guests to put away their cell phones, cameras and iPads and enjoy the wedding and tell them that the photos will be shared with them after.  Or at a minimum, have the person officiating the wedding  to ask your guests to follow a ‘no-aisle, no-flash policy’.  Which means that no one can jump in the aisle or use flash on their cameras.  Then remind them in the ceremony program as well.

2.  The Dress:  If it is strapless, get the seamstress to put in snap-in straps for after ceremony.  By being able to add the straps into your dress after the ceremony, you will be able to enjoy your day by not having to pull up your dress every couple of minutes to keep yourself covered.

3. Hanger: Have a nice hanger for your dress so it looks better in pictures. You spend a lot of money on your wedding dress; so by getting a very nice hanger for your wedding dress, photos will look so much nicer.

4. Find a nice location to hang your dress to showcase it for pictures.  It needs to have good light, and make sure all tags has been removed.


5. De-clutter the room where photos will be taken. The more clutter, the more it’s harder to move around and the clutter will become a focal point in the picture. Get rid of anything you don’t want in your photos.


6. Reconsider having all of your hair down, as hair will keep falling in your face, which can ruin great shots.

7. When you tan in the summer, wear a tube top or strapless top, so there are no tan lines on your wedding day.

8.  The Best Man should keep the rings inside a box & not loose in his pockets; tux pockets have holes at the top to pull the shirt down, and you don’t want to lose the rings through those holes.

9. Don’t hide the ring. When you put the ring on each other’s finger, make sure you do not hide the ring with your other hand; keep the ring and fingers visible so that the photographer can get a good photo.

10. Take your time kissing. When kissing for the first time: The faster you kiss, the harder it is to capture the moment.

11. Don’t hide the bosom ;) When you have your flowers, make sure the flowers are below the bosom, not in front.

12. Do you have a cake knife/server? Make sure you do, as hall ones can be large and un-photogenic.

13. Make sure the cake cutting table is not up against a wall or in a corner. The Photographer needs to be able to get in behind the cake to be able to capture you cutting the cake.  Guests watching you cut the cake is a better background than a wall.

14.  First dance. When dancing, try to avoid putting arms on groom’s shoulders  as it is very hard to capture your face if its hidden by your arms. Put your arms under the Grooms arms or only put one arm up.  Dance old-fashioned, it’s beautiful.

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15. Make sure to ask which vendors will require a seat at the reception, as your DJs, photographers and videographers can not leave at any time during your wedding day.   A vendors’ table is a great idea, as they can communicate about timeline changes, etc. That way, nothing will be missed.

16. Decoration. How your Reception hall is decorated will make a big difference. Up-lighting is only a bit extra, but will make such a big difference in your reception photos.


17. Don’t stress. When you are stressed, it will show up in your photos, so try to relax and enjoy your day.

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