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Windsor Boudoir Photographer – Angela & Jasmine

Windsor Boudoir Photographer – Angela & Jasmine


Windsor Boudoir photographers, Jaques & Richelle Scheepers, recently shot two amazing Boudoir sessions at Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino.  Kelly from KES Makeup did an amazing job with hair and makeup on Angela, and Sage Salon + Spa did an excellent job on Jasmine.

Whether they are for a birthday or Christmas gift for a spouse, or to help a woman see her true beauty, boudoir sessions are becoming  increasingly popular.

Before we book a session, Richelle spends time on the phone or in person with the client to discover the reason for the shoot and the feel and look that she is going for.  That way, we can shoot in a way that matches her vision.

During the session, one of the most challenging parts for the client is that she can’t see herself.  Knowing how to look at the camera or where to put their arms, hands, etc. can be difficult to figure out.  Richelle works with the client with the positioning and such, while Jaques focuses on lighting, technique and choosing a shooting style that will bring out her best features.

After the shoot, one of the comments that we get the most is how comfortable the session was.  That is a huge compliment to us, as some of these girls are meeting us for the first time in person at the shoot location. It’s very important to us that our clients are at ease during this type of shoot, as opposed to guarded.  This will assure that they get the results that they are looking for.

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Photographers:  Jaques & Richelle Scheepers

Makeup: Kelly from KES Makeup

Makeup: Sage Salon + Spa

Hotel: Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino

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