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Fall Windsor Engagement

Fall Windsor Engagement – Windsor engagement photographer

Simone & Jon

How cute are these two together? ahhhhh, totally!!! Simone and Jon are engaged!!

It was a beautiful crisp fall day, and wind was cold and chilly…perfect weather for a Fall Windsor engagement shoot, LOL.

These two are sweet and fun, and had a blast celebrating their love for each other with some sips of champagne in the park.

Congratulations Simone & Jon! We are so excited for you both!

Looking forward to your summer wedding in July, where it will be warmer for you :)

Jaques & Richelle

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Photographer – Windsor Wedding Photographer

Canadian Club Wedding

Canadian Club Wedding

Sarah and Kevin

Sarah and Kevin are finally married!!!
It was a beautiful, crisp fall day, as we made our way over to the boys’ house in the morning.  The guys got to enjoy some ‘cervezas’ and open up some pretty cool gifts from the groom.  Once the groom got his awesome maple leaf cufflinks from his bride, we were off to the girls.
The bridesmaids were excited and were all in awe when they saw Sarah in her gorgeous vintage dress.  Such a beautiful bride!!  After 8 years, Sarah couldn’t be more ready to get to the altar to marry this man!
We then made our way over to the ceremony, which was held at the Canadian Club in Windsor, ON, where the guests were awaiting their arrival.  It was a beautiful sight to see, as the groom was teary-eyed as he saw his stunning bride coming down the steps. It was a perfect day for a Canadian club wedding.
After some formal and wedding party images, we were off to the Fogolar Furlan Club of Windsor.  The decorator and staff had all of Sarah’s details layed out exactly as she envisioned.  The dinner was incredible, and the speeches emotional.
Our favorite moment was watching this couple singing to each other during their first dance.  It was so obvious to us all that they were so excited about this day, and it was the best day of their lives!
Congratulations to you both on your beautiful wedding, and we wish you a lifetime of happiness!
Jaques & Richelle
Bride getting ready_0175
Bride getting ready_0176
Bride getting ready_0177
Bride getting ready_0178
Bride getting ready_0179
groom getting ready_0180
groom getting ready_0181
groom getting ready_0182
groom getting ready_0183
groom getting ready_0184
Canadian club wedding ceremony_0185
Canadian club wedding ceremony_0186
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Canadian club wedding ceremony_0189
Hiram walker canadian club_0190
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Hiram walker canadian club_0198
Hiram walker canadian club_0199
Fogolar Furlan Club wedding reception_0204
Fogolar Furlan Club wedding reception_0205
Fogolar Furlan Club wedding reception_0206
Fogolar Furlan Club wedding reception_0207
Fogolar Furlan Club wedding reception_0209
Fogolar Furlan Club wedding reception_0208
Fogolar Furlan Club wedding reception_0210
Fogolar Furlan Club wedding reception_0211
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Vendor List for this Canadian Club Wedding:
Ceremony: Canadian Club of Windsor
Photo location: Canadian Club of Windsor
Ceremony Music: Justin Zuccato  
Reception/Venue: Fogolar Furan
Reception Music: Open Air Events
Rentals: Festival Tent & Party Rental
Photography: Jaques Scheepers Photography
Flowers: Renaissance Weddings
Cake: Janet Tracey  
Dress: Sophie’s Gown Shoppe
Tuxes Moores Clothing for Men
Makeup: Christine Lesperance  
Hair: Christine Lesperance

Ambassador Golf Course Wedding

Ambassador Golf Course Wedding

Mikki & John


Mikki and John are finally married!!!

It was a beautiful, crisp fall October day, as we made our way over to the guys’ house. The house was filled with excitement, food and family; the boys were all getting ready and the girls cheering as the festivities began. After some food and drinks, the groomsmen got to open their gifts from the groom: some beautiful boxed cigar sets. We were then off to see the girls.

The bride and her beautiful bridesmaids were at the Casino Windsor getting ready. It was so emotional as Mikki’s mom saw her getting into her dress. She was getting happy tears, as she saw how beautiful her daughter was.

We then made our way to the ceremony site at the Canadian Club Brand Centre in Windsor, ON, where the guests were eagerly waiting for our bride to make her way down the steps to see her groom for the first time. Everyone was overjoyed, as they tied the knot! After some family and wedding party photos, we made our way over to the Ambassador Golf Course for the reception.

The couple entered the Ambassador Golf Course wedding  reception room surrounded by a large dabke and Tabla drumming. It was official…the party had began, and how better to start off with some Lebanese traditional dancing and money being thrown by excited friends and family!!

The newlyweds then got to enjoy the company of their guests, going table to table, and getting much love from them all. Our favorite moment was watching this couple look at each other. It was so obvious to us all that they were so excited to be married!!

Congratulations to you both on your beautiful Ambassador Golf Course wedding, and we wish you a lifetime of happiness!

Jaques & Richelle

Bride getting ready_0133

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Bride getting ready_0135

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Groom getting ready_0139

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Groom getting ready_0142

Groom getting ready_0143

Canadian Club Wedding Ceremony_0144

Canadian Club Wedding Ceremony_0145

Canadian Club Wedding Ceremony_0146

Canadian Club Wedding Ceremony_0147

Canadian Club Wedding Ceremony_0148

Canadian Club Wedding Ceremony_0149

Canadian Club Wedding Ceremony_0150

Canadian Club Wedding Ceremony_0151

Canadian Club Wedding Ceremony_0152

Canadian Club Wedding Ceremony_0153

Canadian Club Wedding Ceremony_0154

Canadian Club Wedding Ceremony_0155

Canadian Club Wedding Ceremony_0156

Ambassador Golf Club Wedding Ceremony_0163

Ambassador Golf Club Wedding Ceremony_0165

Ambassador Golf Club Wedding Ceremony_0164

Ambassador Golf Club Wedding Ceremony_0167

Ambassador Golf Club Wedding Ceremony_0168

Ambassador Golf Club Wedding Ceremony_0166

Ambassador Golf Club Wedding Ceremony_0170

Ambassador Golf Club Wedding Ceremony_0171

Ambassador Golf Club Wedding Ceremony_0172

Ambassador Golf Club Wedding Ceremony_0173

Ambassador Golf Club Wedding Ceremony_0174

Ambassador Golf Club Wedding Ceremony_0169

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Vendor List for this Ambassador Golf Club wedding: 

Ceremony: Canadian Club of Windsor
Reception/Venue: Ambassador Golf Course
Reception Music: the K.E.G Band
DJ D.J P.J Productions
Photography: Jaques Scheepers Photography
Transportation: Limos by Mr. J
Flowers: Floralscapes
Cake: Cupcakes by Ambassador Golf Course
Dress: Bridal Couture
Tuxes Monty’s Formal Wear
Decor: Elegance by Design
Candy Table Elegance by Design
Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas
Hair: Cabello Hair

Windsor Wedding Photographer