Daniella and Amber

Daniella and Amber

Daniella and Amber are finally married!!!

It was a bright and blustery winter day, as we made our way over to the Canadian Club of Windsor for the celebration of these two beautiful brides.

The girls walked in and they were just breathtaking! Everyone was just in awe. After the girls did their ‘First Look’ images, we made our way down to the beautifully decorated reception room to get some family photos before the ceremony started.

The ceremony was standing room only at the back, as so many guests were so excited for these two to tie the knot! It was beautifully officiated by wedding Officiant, Joe McParland. He did a great job and gave the ceremony a very genuine feel. The newly married couple made their way down the aisle with huge smiles, and received some love from their guests before venturing the cold. Yes…the cold! They took the wedding party and formal shots outside at -18 degrees. Ha! Best troopers ever!

After getting warmed up a little, they made their way to the reception hall to greet their loved ones at the receiving line. The dinner was held at St Clair Centre for the Arts. All their details were carefully laid out by the decorator and hall staff, and we stayed til the very end. Our favorite moment of the day was the “Happy New Year!!” cheer of everyone at midnight! But what also touched our heart, was the menu cards. Daniella and Amber donated to the Rainbow Railroad Foundation as part of the guest favors. We were honored to be part of the entire day!

Congratulations to you both on your beautiful wedding, and we wish you a lifetime of happiness!

Jaques & Richelle



Same sex couple first look at Canadian club

same sex wedding.jpg_0217

same sex wedding.jpg_0218

same sex wedding.jpg_0219

same sex wedding.jpg_0220

Same sex couple images before the reception

Canadian club ceremony

same sex wedding.jpg_0223

same sex wedding photos.jpg_0022

Wedding part at Canadian club wedding ceremony

Same sex brides walking down the aisle

Canadian club same sex wedding

Bridal party at Canadain club wedding

Same sex brides at Canadian club wedding ceremony

same sex couple exchanging rings at wedding ceremony

same sex wedding brides photos

Dog signing the wedding registry at wedding reception

Same sex couple leaving wedding reception at Canadian club photos

Same sex wedding party outside the Canadian club in Windsor Ontario

same sex wedding photos

Canadian club wedding

same sex wedding photos

same sex couple with wedding party at Canadian club

Canadian club wedding image

same sex wedding  photo

two brides and their wedding party

same sex wedding images

two brides same sex marriage

same sex couple walking in park

St Clair Centre for the Arts Wedding reception photo

St Clair Centre for the Arts Wedding reception details photos

St Clair Centre for the Arts Wedding reception images

St Clair Centre for the Arts Wedding reception photos

same sex wedding photos

same sex wedding.jpg_0249

Ciociaro Wedding reception

same sex wedding.jpg_0251

same sex wedding photos

same sex wedding photos

same sex wedding.jpg_0254

same sex first dance photos

same sex wedding.jpg_0256

same sex wedding photos

same sex wedding.jpg_0258

same sex wedding.jpg_0259

same sex wedding images

New years eve 2014

same sex wedding.jpg_0262

same sex wedding photos

same sex wedding.jpg_0264

same sex wedding photo new years eve kiss

same sex wedding image

same sex wedding.jpg_0267

new years eve wedding photo

same sex wedding.jpg_0269

Windsor Wedding Photographer

Vendor List:
Ceremony: Canadian Club of Windsor http://canadianclub.com/agegate
Officiant: Joe McParland http://www.civilmarriages.ca/who.htm
Ceremony Music: Breath of Music http://www.breathofmusic.com/
Reception/Venue: St. Clair Center for the Arts http://www.stclaircollege.ca/stclaircentre/
Reception Music: Corbett Productions http://corbettproductions.ca/
Jaques Scheepers Photography
Transportation: Butterfield Limo http://www.butterfieldlimo.com/
Flowers: Essex Flower Basket http://www.essexflowerbasket.com/
Charity: Rainbow Railroad http://www.rainbowrailroad.ca/
Decor: Designs by Diane http://www.designsbydiane.org/
Favours: Rainbow Railroad http://www.rainbowrailroad.ca/
Invitations: Jordan Martin  
Rooms (guests): Windsor Waterfront Hotel http://www.windsor-hotel.ca/
Makeup: Martina  
Hair: Carrie Lynn  


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  1. Carlos February 10, 2015 at 10:40 am #

    Wow! What a beautiful wedding. Gorgeous couple. And the black and white photography is amazing. I like it. Congratulations.

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